Problem with output of LMS7002M

I recently developed a LMS7002M-based RF transceiver products, encountered some problems. We redesigned a pcb board and carried out a Denso. But the TX output can not meet the requirements, Barron behind the TX output power is only 27dBm maximum.

   The main problem may be that TXPAD gain control is not functioning properly. In the process of adjusting TRF-> TXPAD gain control in the GUI, the output power should be changed accordingly. When the value of TXPAD gain control changes from 31 to 20, the output power increases step by step, but the output power becomes significantly smaller from 20 to 19. Does not match the theoretical value. I think TXPAD gain control adjusted to 0 when the TX output power should be able to reach 0dBm.

I have confirmed the following:

(1) Ervery chip has 4 TX output´╝îTXOUT1 and TXOUT2 of A and B. The four TX output power of the same chip are suddenly changed when TXPAD gain control changed from 20 to 19.

(2) Different chips also exist in this problem.

(3) SPI communication is normal during the adjustment of TXPAD gain control.

(4) This problem exists if the output frequency is different

(5) LMS7002EVBv3 above this problem does not exist.

(6) Use the same GUI settings for LMS7002EVBv3 at my PCB still has this problem.

Could you be more specific about register address and bits, please.