Power supply for Limesdr Mini

Hi, I use the LimeSDR mini with a Raspberry 4 and I have problems that the LimeSDR mini does not have enough power. Is it a solution to use an external power supply or do I have to use a y-usb3 cable ?

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I recommend the use of an external powered USB Hub with a Raspberry Pi and LimeSDR Mini. However, if the LimeSDR is the only USB device on the Raspberry Pi 4, I would suggest that you either have a problem with voltage drop in the power or USB leads, or your power supply is not up to the job.

It is worth trying to achieve 5.20 volts measured on the USB outputs of the Raspberry Pi.

Dave, G8GKQ


Hey, Dave,

thank you for your answer :slight_smile:
I use the LimeSDR mini and a GPS receiver on the Pi, so my idea was that the Pi doesn’t have enough power.
Do you know exactly how much ampere the LimeSDR mini uses ?
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Hi Jonah

I don’t know the exact current drain, but I recall that it was about 400mA on a USB2 port. I have built a test adapter to measure USB voltages, but not one to measure current drain (yet).