Pothos SoapySDR gain control

I experiencing the gain control of my LimeSDR USB3.0 using SopaySDR in Pothos.
It works in a range from 0 to 60 dB.
Just one question about the implemenation.
Lime SDR has a 3 stage amplifiers

with these ranges

Does SoapySDR Source controls automatically the three amplifier’s in a transparent mode for the user?



Use the source Luke, use the source!

The soapy entry point to modify gains is going to call one of these two functions, depending if you did not specify a gain string that you want modified or did specify which gain to modify:

Both will end up here:

And if you did not specify a gain string these tables would be used to set the gains:

For Pothos specific questions I’d probably ask on the Pothos mailing lists, but it looks like you already have.