Pothos Flow - Insert Graph Widgets disabled, grayed out

Just starting out with LimeSDR and ecosystem. Did the USB loopback test, upgraded the gateware firmware to 2.20, etc.

Tried the Pothos Flow - Simple FM Demod, doesn’t work.

Started through the LimeSDR tutorial (https://myriadrf.org/news/limesdr-made-simple-part-4-pothos-beyond/), I can get static, but the “Insert Graph Widget” is disabled, grayed out.


Pothos v0.7.0-PothosSDR-2019.03.24-vc14-x64
I have the Python pythonsupport3.dll failed safe load problem, added it to the system path, still have that problem. Are the graph widgets dependent upon Python?

You first have to add a Spectrogram block to the system. Then you can Insert graph widgets.

I would delete the post, but don’t have permissions. It says flag it to the moderators, but can’t find that option either.