Poor documentation assistante from LimeSDR

Dear all,
this is mail is simply the consequences and conclusions as a result of more than 4 months working with a “LimeSDR mini” module, which basically can be sumarized as “I AM FED UP with Lime SDR”. And I want to explain why:

  1. GNUradio is poorly documented but if you put effort and determination looking at examples, reading FAQS … you can reach your goals. SO FAR SO GOOD.
  2. But LimeSRD docomentation about LimeSDR modules, (“mini”) in my case, is very poor, is incomplete, and waht is worse it is out of date inmost cases.
  3. You take the effort to install LimeSuite SDR you discover a powerfull tool with mani options and registers and if you look for documnetation is refers to older versions, so at the end you cannot run the examples, you cannot follow the procedure described. IT IS SIMPLY USELESS and A WASTE OF TIME
  4. When you try to calibrate the module, sometimes you can not calibrate RX, hardly TX. You get several error messages, and THERE IS NOT USEFUL INFORMATION in the web
  5. if you look MYRIAD threads I see people asking eh same questions I have but hadrly EVER they get srital clear effective answers.!!! LimeSDR i s a wate of time

I’ve said …!! :rage:


LimeSuiteGUI is not meant for general use. It’s not an end user application by any means. It’s intended for more advanced development and debugging purposes, for which it is very useful indeed. However, perhaps we need to make this much clearer.

If you could please:

  1. Ensure you have the latest version of Lime Suite installed (currently 20.07.2)
  2. Ensure the device is up-to-date by running LimeUtil --update
  3. Re-plug
  4. Ensure there is nothing connected to the RF ports.
  5. Run LimeQuickTest and post the results here

I attach th errors I get. I have to say that GNURadio also provides this message (loopback signal weak: not connected/insuficient gain?)

@Garmus could you take a look, please.

Could you share LimeQuickTest log file here, please.