Please Help I Want To Make A Test With Limesdr?

I used my limesdr with not usb2 with usb3 I see this İt can give most powerful signal . After I researched it usb2 450 mah usb3 900mah . I want to test my limesdr to connect power cables usb3 1500 mah charger I will connect data cables to usb3 pc slot . But I am terrified about break my limesdr device ? What can HAppen You Know ? İs Limesdr Device Related Between Usb3 electric. Can I use Limesdr With Usb3 1500 Mah Power ?

Hi @muratoznn,

LimeSDR-USB is intended to work with USB3. Depending on application USB2 could be possible too.

If I understand correctly, you want to connect 1.5A USB charger as an external supply. If it’s output voltage is 5V, then no. You have to have 6V minimum from your external power supply.

I Dont Understand ? I Want To Connect Usb Voltage Cable to Usb3 1500 Mah power charger . İt has 4 cable in usb3 . black and red charge cable white and yellow data cable . You understand not what I want ? I will push voltage cables to 1500 Mah 5 volt Usb Charge Adaptor. And I will push data cables to pc . İt can run this form . Or I dont want to break limesdr . I want to use this because how much can I use upper electric Limesdr is giving more powerful radio signal you understand ? I will cutting usb cable connect voltage cables red and black to 1500 mah powerful usb charger I will connect data cables to pc with another usb cables. What is risk this ?