Plans about LM7002

Hello, gentlements!
Does anybody knew about plans to produce more cheaper analog of the LimeSDR mini ?
It would be great to have such unit with price less than 100 EUR.
Or maybe LM7002 itself to have price not 190USD, but 30-40.

To add: I would prefer version without fixed input-output matching networks, fully configurable by user.

I have not understood - do you meant RF front-end circuit?

Input-output matching networks are bridge between LM7002 and RF front end (usually called LNA).

I’m not sure it would be easily possible to have user configurable matching networks, without perhaps at least compromising performance at higher frequencies.

An SDR is inherently digital, so I’m not sure what this means.

The price of all chips comes down with volume :slight_smile:

But could it be possible to publish production volume/price chart ?
I suppose wafer stencils already paid, so price will be less.

Could anybody say which wafer technology process suitable for LMS7002 ???
Is HCMOS065_LP_8M_1.2V 65 nm good ?

I could ask about prices in plant in Russia.