Personal wireless network

hi i need to have a personal cellular network with under 5 users and max distance 50-100 miles away from eachother. would the limeNET micro be able to be used for this? thank you for your time

Not sure if you meant can you cover ranges of 50-100 miles with LimeNET Micro, but if so, the answer is: no, not even with a very large power amplifier attached to it. But then cellular isn’t designed to cover anything like that distance with a single base station.

Of course, you could have multiple LimeNET Micro — one at each location — and route calls between them.

Thank you very much for your time and response to such a noob question. What would be an approximate amount of limeNET micros required to repeat and cover a distance of 50 miles? . Not so much a50 mile radius, but 50 miles in a straight line. Thank you in advance for your time

A lot. I couldn’t say for sure, but maybe a few hundred, or more, if they didn’t have power amplifiers attached.

LimeNET Micro is designed for creating small cells that cover a range of tens of meters.

You can add a power amplifier and of course the antenna could be a small, low gain omnidirectional, or a large, high gain directional antenna (e.g. sector type). There are a lot of variables. This is very much a how long is a piece of string question. I’d recommend watching the Wireless Masterclass video series as a start.

once again thank you for taking your time to respond to an “elementary” question. i have watched the first master class and am off into learning more!

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