PCIe Version updated documents?

The hardware diagrams on GitHub for the LimeSDR PCIe don’t match the delivered hardware, are there plans to update the documentation to match the hardware in the near future?

Sure, will check with the team and get the repo updated. Thanks for the heads-up!

Thanks Andrew, just want to make sure all the measurements are the same, need to build a back pannel for PCIe slot as it did not come with one.

Noticed that the clock input was different and now has a output and that the amount of LEDs is different from the v1 specs, is there also a change list somewhere?


@GPF, could you post a picture of the PCB version you have?

@andrewback Andrew, could you check if the PCB project is up-to-date and that we can compile in Altium Designer?

When I tried compiling the 1v0 PCB project with Altium Designer 17, I got the error below:

My PCB is version 1.2

Have not found any other changes apart from LEDs and clock out.

Have not been able to find a bracket that matches, has anyone else found one?


Hello @GPF, @robalenper, @andrewback,

PCIe related PCB projects on Github updated.

@Zack @andrewback thanks a lot for this update. Great job guys!

Altium Design compiled the project without errors and I can see now that all block diagrams are populated properly and documented.

The Chinese seller on eBay is highly interested in making this PCB available at low cost and also selling fully populated. I’ve pointed him to the latest PCB release (1v2).

Apache Labs Angelia board PCB is also available for the ones who would be willing to play with BGA soldering.

Here is the Altium project for 1v2:

Thanks, Rob KK6IOZ

Thank you very much for the update. Actually I guess the block diagrams for the LimeSDR USB user guide on the Wiki page (https://wiki.myriadrf.org/LimeSDR-USB_User_Guide) is also outdated. At least the names of the IC’s don’t match the Altium schematics. Maybe the wiki could be updated in the future?

Also is there a more recent version than v1.4 for the LimeSDR USB? I realized that there have been changes to the RF side to fix some bugs in certain frequency ranges.

Thank you very much.

Yes, will be looking to update the wiki version of the LimeSDR-USB User Guide.

v1.4 is the latest version of this hardware.

Perfect, thank you. :slight_smile:

Don’t know if this is still of use, but the bracket you want is a Gompf 9B90-0000A.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to find one anywhere. So I made an adapter that goes between the PCIe card and a blank bracket, and machined out the necessary apertures. It seems to work mechanically, though I haven’t brought the card itself up yet.

Since I used a 3D printer and a CNC mill it would be no trouble to knock out another - let me know.


Thanks @Zero, I have a 3d printer and CNC mill at home too, any chance you could put a link up for the STL and any other design files so the PCI owners can print their own? I have a few brackets that are close so people should be able to modify the 3D print design to suit brackets they can find.

I had planned to spread my SMA sockets across the bracket holding the card and a second blank so I could get the clock in/out and all TX/RX out


I just put the files on Thingiverse, but they have a 24 hour hold. I’ll post again when they clear the moderation process.

I also put up a Lime USB case with fan that works fairly well. I added a link to the only other 3d printed case thread I could find.

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Link to PCIe bracket adapter:

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