PCIe 1v2 PCB - $50 each - limited sample order

The Chinese seller has replied that he would be able to fabricate LimeSDR PCIe PCB. The seller wants to know how many people would be interested in LimeSDR PCIe PCB. If you are interested in a low-cost PCIe PCB, you can send a message to the seller on eBay:


I suspect that soldering BGAs can be achieved with a temperature controlled SMD station. I happen to have this SMD station which could be used for BGA soldering:


The key point is to control the temperature when soldering a BGA. This is an example on how to solder a BGA:

Please send a message to the eBay seller if you are interested in the PCIe PCB.

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The eBay seller has checked with a local PCB factory and they would charge $50 per PCB board (hardware 1v2) for 10 samples.

Here is the prospective breakdown cost:

$50 PCB
$100 Transceiver
$100 FPGA
$100 remaining parts (ballpark)

So we could build the PCIe board for less than $400 (half the price)

If you are interested, please send a message to the eBay seller. He may order 10 samples at $50 each:

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