Packet SISO vs. LMS SISO

I just picked up my LimeSDR from CrowdSupply, and am going through the “USB quick test” instructions.

For each of the tests, the FFT module says there should be a “Packets SISO” pulldown, but all I see in that pulldown is “LMS SISO” and “LMS MIMO”. Things seem to be working otherwise, so I suspect it’s just something with the software configuration. I’ve gone through the instructions a couple times trying to figure out what I’ve done wrong, but can’t figure it out.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @dylanmc,

Try the latest software:

Labels has changed between software versions. So “Packets SISO” = “LMS SISO” and “Packets MIMO” = “LMS MIMO”.


I downloaded the software yesterday. According to @IgnasJ, once everyone else downloads the current software, they’ll be seeing the same messages I did.

So I guess my comment is now “the USB Quick Start” page needs some updates to correspond to the current software version". If I can change the subject I’ll do that.

thanks @zack and @IgnasJ!