Other fixes than "HF" available for the non shipped items?


I am waiting for my board, and my interest is VHF and UHF up to 400 MHz, and what i can read out the “Broadband fix” would be the one im in need of.

The form at Crowdsupply only talks about HF performance fix.

Is the “Broadband fix” something i have to do myself or can it be done to my not yet received unit?


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I was wondering the same thing, I wanted to see which mod was going to be performed, or if there was a choice between the 3 (Easy 1, Easy 2, and Broadband)

The only option that is being provided in this respect is HF mod or not. It’s just not practical to start offering different modifications for all the great many potential different use cases.

At this point it looks as though the HF mod will involve the inductor being removed from RX1_W.

Perfect, that’s what I needed to know, thank you @andrewback.

Hello Andrew,

Was it not the RX1_L port?

Regards Ben


The ‘one inductor removal’ trick works for both the RX1_W and RX1_L ports (and presumably the RX2_W and RX2_L Ports, too, for those that modify their own boards - not CrowdSupply or Lime Microsystems) and looks virtually the same (I’ve verified that last week) - but Andrew knows how CrowdSupply will handle the remaining orders.

73 de Marty, KN0CK

That was the port we originally looked at, but you could remove the inductor from a W port for pretty much the same effect. There are pros and cons to removing it from either and we have to consider the many different use cases — and by no means not just HF.

On balance it appears that removing it from RX1_W may be the best option available to us.

Ok, thanks for the response!

If Crowd Supply approves, i will have to cancel. :disappointed: