Osmo-trx make problem

Hi ,
i’m trying to build osmo-trx master branch .

What i’am doing :
autoreconf -i

In make step i get this error :

Evaluating ‘parse’ option: ‘(?P\d+).(?P\d+).(?P\d+)’ does not parse current version ‘P2.8TRUNK’
usage: bumpversion [-h] [–config-file FILE] [–verbose] [–list]
[–allow-dirty] [–parse REGEX] [–serialize FORMAT]
[–search SEARCH] [–replace REPLACE]
[–current-version VERSION] [–dry-run] --new-version
VERSION [–commit | --no-commit] [–tag | --no-tag]
[–tag-name TAG_NAME] [–message COMMIT_MSG]
part [file [file …]]
bumpversion: error: the following arguments are required: --new-version
make all-recursive