Not able to transmit signal by using LimeSDR and LimeSuit GUI

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Just now I am started working in LimeSDR. As a first step, I tried to check whether the reception and transmission is working fine using LimeSDR and LimeSuit GUI. Observed that the reception is working fine but the transmission is not working. I have followed the instructions that given in the link “”.

Kindly give some information about how to set the Lime SDR GUI for transmission.

I have also tried to use SDR console for transmission but in this case the transmitter DSP panel is not enabled.

I have attached the snapshots for your reference.

LimeSuiteGUI is really for debug purposes and not aimed at general use, but are you saying that you have a LimeSDR USB and cannot load the INI and pay the waveform files described in the quick test page?

For issues regarding SDR Console you are best posting to its forum.

For transmit a lot of people use SDRangel.

the simple transmit test is in the limesuite build folder:

Thanks for the information.

Now the transmission is working fine. I can able to see the spectrum as they gave in the Quick test page.

Okay. I will post about the SDR console issue in their forum.

I will try to use SDRangel for transmission and come to you if I had any issues.

Sorry. I have downloaded LimeSuit GUI from the link. They had given only .exe file.

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