Noisy FM Reception using LimeSDR Mini

Have been running the examples for FM reception (with and without RDS) in the 88-108MHz band.
The basic example (without RDS) works but the output is not clear at all (the audio is not clear).
The one with RDS works slightly better but still noisy.
The FFT built-in the flow graph shows a fairly strong signal and I have also tried playing the filter BWs but there is no significant improvement.
Please advise,
Thank you in advance,

Could be the internal preamp settings, drop those back to 1.
I find that when I get a very strong signal it distorts badly if I am using any preamp.

I just tried changing ch0 gain to 1 (which was set to 60) but the problem persists.

There are two internal preamps, make sure you get them both.

Hi M0GLO, thanks for the quick response. The settings (at least in grc) show only the combined receive gain which ranges from 1 to 60. I changed that to 1.

What sample rate are you using?

Sorry for my late reply. The default graph that comes with limesdr produces a noisy output. I changed the flow to the one that comes with rtlsdr and this gives a fairly clean audio.

Any ideas on why this flow works better?