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@andrewback and perhaps @Zack :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
please read my one previous post before this.
I´m sorry to rush on you guys, but i got response from RMA at Crowd supply today, writing that the project creator have to confirm that the device is faulty.
I have learned so much about SDR since march, were i bought this device, so i´m sure that if the LimeQuickTest can tell me “all passed” despite that there is a failure
along one of the antenna paths (RX1_L), after the LMS7002M, then the problem is for sure isolated to that path, and that path only, RX1_W and all other is perfect,
and has been from the very start, but all the other quirks and gotchas got me confused, I have tried everything, but that gave me a nice knowledge about SDR technology,
and that’s one thing I´d wanted to get out of this board.
But please advice, whats next?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @foggy,

Could you please share you LimeSDR-USB photo, I am interesting in RF part.

There is a bit of dust, but that’s because it has been well ventilated since I got it in late March.
that’s the time I’v used to finally learn that Rx1_l was my problem, but I’v learned a lot at my way. Same as all other open source stuff I’v played around with. And that’s nice.
Don’t know how to test the small transfo for Rx1_l but I think the problem is there, but as I can see all cords is in place, but total deaf. :frowning:

Hi @Zack Do you see some thing I´m doing wrong here, or can be doing wrong, so I finally can get on the Air, with this beast :slight_smile:
Please, 3 months has passed now, I really look forward to make my final installation and do some filtering and amplification on the HAM bands.
I don´t want to put money in a new LimeSDR, but rather in your RFE module so, help help please :yum:

Hello @andrewback Can you perhaps give your mate a friendly puff, it´s been 20 days since he asked for a photo of my Lime for my RMA case, wrote direct mail to him too, I know, I have been in doubt in my process of learning and eventually gave wrong failure description, as you said in a earlier message, “a bad transformer”, but according to my misinterpretation of the software, and wrong relaying of failure description of the problem I perfectly understand you couldn’t isolate the problem.
But now;

The Lime module is well working, only one antenna port is deaf, only transmission from 1 meter away can be heard, but only one port, therefore one faulty transformer? It has been bad from the very beginning, but my missing knowledge about SDR let me to believe all the ports was bad, but now 4 month later, and a big chunk wiser, I know a bit more about SDR, so now I can tell you that the RX1_L port is faulty 100% sure.
the LimeQuickTest passes, and the loopback test passes, end result, either the transformer or other analog matching components at RX1_L is faulty.
Perfect transmission and reception on all other ports.

Help me in RMA, take it back, and make a test for your own eyes.
Best Regards and thanks for development of a otherwise great SDR board.

Just pinged @Zack and will get back to your shortly.

Thanks, it´s not to be rude, or anything, by now I already got more service than any other place, just by tapping the knowledge of the developers, can´t get that at Atheros or realtek, so thanks for that.

Looks like we need to arrange an RMA and if you could PM me with your contact info.