No signal in quick_test, only raised noise floor


I’m trying to run the quick_test with my LimeSDR on MacOS 10.12.

I successfully installed LimeSuite and managed to update the firmware to version 2.8.

However if I then run the quick test making all the test as described I only see the noise floor increasing by 5dB, and no signal appearing at all:

Do you know what could be wrong?

Also I tried to run SDR console v3 under paralells desktop, the device is recognised, but when I press play the SW hangs up…

Thanks for the help

Oh yes I forgot to mention:

I used the script SELF_TEST.INI and followed exactly the steps in chapter 3 Loopback Test.


OK, I solved the problem thanks to Sabine in another thread:

  • load self_test.ini both in SXT tab as well as in CLKGEN tab, then press GUI–>Chip to load the settings on the Chip.

Now I get a usefull self_test signal: