No LimeSDRs available, long waiting times according to crowdsupply

Hi guys,

I have a question regardingthe availability of new boards, as the next boards according to Crowd Supply will be delivered Feb 22…

Is there any chance to order boards from another source to get them earlier? I would really need 1-2 as I broke my only working LimeSDR? So maybe one of you is offering some boards?

Is there general information about delivery bottlenecks at Lime?

No, that is unless you can find someone with stock.

Sure, it’s all down to the same widespread semiconductor shortages that are causing similar issues for many other manufacturers. We have most of the parts to make LimeSDR Mini boards and are just missing one or two I think, but without them it’s not possible to build working boards. As you might imagine we are looking at all the options available to us, but in the meantime all we can do is to go by the dates that our suppliers are giving us and update our delivery schedules accordingly.


Hi all! As many others, I’d love to get my hands on LimeSDR, but I’m late for the party…

@andrewback, what’s the best place to look for any status updates regarding the new batch? I’m already looking at crowdsupply every once in a while and now joined this forum. Will there be any “remaining chips arrived, we kicked off the production” some time in Jan or early Feb?

Also, what’s your take - once the boards become available, are they going to be instantly sold out or will there be some period when they’ll be in stock?

Great project! No wonder it’s gone so quickly… :slight_smile:

FYI: There is a global electronics components crisis at the moment. Even passive components (resistors, capacitors, inductors) that were shipped overnight for use the following day now have totally insane lead times of half a year or more. And the problem has been made worse by a few multinational corporations buying up all new stock as it becomes available and hoarding it to have buffer stock.
ref: Wikipedia: 2020-2021 global chip shortage

So expect delays on anything that contains electronics of any kind for the next few years, at least until either companies buffer stock is full to capacity or new manufacturing sites are built.

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