Newbie Guides for Getting Started with the LimeSDR

Are there such a thing as beginners guides for getting started with LimeSDR? The last time I played around with building Radio stuff was when I was back at school about 30 years ago now and it occurs to me although everyone seems to make it look easy it is actually a little more complex than I gave it credit for.

The GnuRadio-companion is quite simple to use but the options kinda swamp me.

So things I am looking for that are simply explained is:

  • How to begin searching radio wave bands. FM, DAB , Wifi, Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz RFID, GSM and other custom signalling protocols like electric smart meters, home automation systems, wireless doorbells etc.

  • How to begin broadcasting on one of the above systems. Analysing packet creation and investigating physical properties such as signal strength and direction.

  • How to hook up other devices to the LimeSDR such as a Raspberry Pi, Onion Omega or VoCore device for ultra low power signal recording.

Really my imagination is kinda blank because although I see the potential in something like the LimeSDR I don’t have enough experience to delve into the real power features of it.

Sorry if this all seems a bit naive but if you don’t know you have to ask right?

Thanks for such clear instructions on assembling the acrylic case and the initial testing documentation. I just don’t really know where to go from here.

Any help is appreciated.


Pretty much all sdr is the same only thing with lime is kinda picky with the software to used alot people are used to used sdrsharp and HDR radio if we can get lime driver to work easily with the existing sdr software we can get more time to experiment rather spend time figuring it to work.

and Quisk

Well I was under the impression GnuRadio works with it pretty well so isn’t that a beginning? I don’t know what common tools there are for SDR as I am pretty new to it all.

I found though in another thread some interesting looking videos that might be a start. The only drawback is it seems quite generic and not Lime specific. So there may well be features not talked about or gotchas not discussed.

Thanks anyway.

If you find videos useful there are a lot of them out there. Check Fosdem archives as there are a lot of SDR talks given at Fosdem every year. Also check for toorcon and maybe you like Samy Kamkar’s videos. There are a lot about Gnuradio but they can be helpful in other ways. Etc., etc.

Ahhh thanks. Yes I like Fosdem stuff. I will read up more about general SDR stuff then, I was just hoping there was something LimeSDR specific. What makes LimeSDR different special and more usable.


How to begin searching radio wave bands.

Hi, I have made a simple video for receiving shortwave using GQRX. It requires MN18 mod and mini-whip antenna.