New LimeSDR arrived - not found

So, I am not totally new to SDRs, however new to the LimeSDR. I have done as instructed by the sticky… and gone through Quick Start Guide - no luck. I have tried to google the forum and Lime community.

NOW I have to admit, this may be me… but I am on a Mac running OSX 10.14.3, verified that I am in fact plugged into a USB 3.0. AND there are the 2 LEDs S1 and S2 on. S2 is solid green, S1 is flashing green / red (normal from what I can tell… something to do with locked on 1 PLL).

I have installed from the repository… and tried the commands:

LimeUtil --find and LimeUtil --info.


Also tried SoapySDRUtil --info and SoapySDRUtil --info with similar results. Right now I am not able to see it at all?

NOW **** I have a VM that I have access to, so I tried doing the whole thing in a Win 7 environment, with no luck. The only success that I had was the unit was recognized once I installed the USB drivers. BUT the software (QuickTest) could not find it.

I have tried with both USB plugged in, one plugged in, and the end result is the same. Not Found.

Appreciate any help getting this going, super excited and don’t miss understand I enjoy solving these issues, just want to see it work before I go chasing issues :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for any help.

Ok… so digging in some more, Mac OSX sees the USB. BUT still can’t get SoapySDR or LimeUtil to see it.

Before compiling, did you have installed libusb development libraries?
As you can see “Supported connections” list contains only PCIEXillybus, so that mean the compiled library does not have USB connection support and can’t see the device.

It appears that your build didn’t find libusb, so it has no usb support in either version. LimeUtil only shows the PCIEXillybus, not usb.

I have installed libusb via fink, and it almost works (works fine until anyone tries to stop running) but I ran into this issue which I posted on a couple weeks ago:

when I close a connection.

By building libusb from source, with the suspect line commented out as per that note, I am apparently at 100% with LimeMini.

Thank you… I will go see if I can get the usb to work. I noticed the usb was not there… :slight_smile: hope this works.

Thank you for the response, I’m just trying to make sense of where to go from here. Yes I believe there is an issue with the USB, now I don’t know where to go, the libusb was not linked, tried that BUT didn’t fix the issue, now I’ll remove and remake the LimeSuite…

BUT don’t know where the libusb.c is? Did you mod the one on your machine OR grab a new ver. If you have a sec, would you be able to give some more details?


Sorry… should have persisted a few minutes more :wink:

THANK YOU! I believe it is running now.

the libusb distro comes from:

but beware that there are reports of the newest MacOS version (even new than what I have) having some new issues. It is pretty easy to build, and then you have to fiddle around (painfully) with the cmake scripts for LimeSuite to get it to find the custom libusb (unless you trust overwriting any other copies with the one you just built). Note: I am not a cmake guru (ok, I’ll fess up… I am a cmake novice, and get it to work by hacking at it), and it may be that there is an easy way to get it to find a custom install. I don’t know the easy way if there is one.

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Back ground is in C, and I have a little experience with make and cmake, but not a ton. Got the LimeSDR up and running don’t seem to have broken anything in the process - WIN!

Now to get the radio doing some ‘useful’ things. Thanks again for the help. BTW have you seen if the new firmware moved someplace else, the LimeUtil --update fails, because of the the bad URL.