New Lime Suite 20.10 release

Quite a lot of improvements in this release:

LimeSuite library

  • Fixed GFIR floating point comparison
  • Disabled caller-saves optimization for GCC versions 9.3 onwards
  • Changed USB processing, FIFO and remote thread priorities on Linux systems
  • Fixed null pointer dereferences in StreamChannel write/read functions
  • Added option to configure data link format from API
  • TDD mode registers are reset after initialization on LimeSDR-Core boards
  • Changed default Common Control Signal value for most boards
  • Changed LMS_Init to tune SXR/SXT PLL’s
  • Changed LMS_Init to calibrate Tx frontend IAMP gain
  • Updated SXR/SXT MCU tune algorithm to match host
  • Added optional gain behavior where TIA/IAMP gain elements are removed from available gain range
  • Improved spurious USB transfer handling


  • Fixed an issue of file close not being called in FFTviewer
  • Fixed compilation for wxWidgets STL


  • Updated linkFormat stream option so it changes link format in LimeSuite library

Other changes

  • Added LimeSuite library information to QuickTest
  • Added CMake option to enable optional gain behavior


  1. There is a new optional gain behaviour that can be configured via cmake option ENABLE_NEW_GAIN_BEHAVIOUR, which addresses issues whereby calibration can fail due to gains being set too low. This removes TIA/IAMP gain elements and instead the library takes care of setting these. This behaviour is likely to become the default with a future release, but there may be further optimisation required and so this is presently “opt-in”. We’re obviously keen to hear feedback from use of this option.

  2. MCU firmware has been updated to address SX* tune failure error.

  3. Thread priority setting changes should improve performance for timing sensitive applications, e.g. LTE eNodeB. However, the application will need to be run with sufficient privileges to benefit from this.

Available via GitHub:

Updated Ubuntu packages via the PPA: