Never update your firmware

if you are loser like my it will brick and you will never be able to recover it.

From my understanding there is no way to totally brick the device (excluding the hardware failure of a flash chip, but that would probably require that the device is re-flashed 100000 times).

If you are on windows:

  1. Install the latest LimeSuite ( )
  2. Check if you can connect to the board using step 3.1 in the USB quick test ( ), just see if step 3.1 works (or not).
  3. If you can connect then the there is a valid firmware on the FX3 USB flash. If you can’t then you will need to get a valid firmware on FX3 USB flash (or at least into RAM), the FX3 has a special 32 KB ROM on it for exactly such a disaster and once enabled that bootloader will allow the FX3 to load boot images from various sources.

Just do that first step and let people know the exact nature of the problem.


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Offensive language will not be tolerated and so the expletives have been cut from your post.

With that out of the way, as kindly noted by @mzs, it should not be possible to brick your board. Worst case you can remove a jumper to force the FX3 to go to the bootloader and then use the Cypress GUI to load new firmware.

If you could let us know the outcome following the steps detailed above.