Need to create openbts script for automatic startup all terminal

I use osmo-trx openbts with my limesdr mini
I’d like to make a script which automaticly start cause every time ,obliged to open different terminal et type all fallowing commands
Terminal 1 :

cd osmo-trx
osmo-trx-lms -C default.cfg -f
(need to wait about 10 secondes until message appairs )
– Transceiver active with 1 channel(s)

		Terminal 2 :

cd ~/openbts/subscriberRegistry/apps
sudo ./sipauthserve

		Terminal 3 :

cd ~/openbts/smqueue/smqueue
sudo ./smqueue

		Terminal 4 :

sudo asterisk -vvvv

		Terminal 5 :

cd ~/openbts/openbts/apps
sudo ./OpenBTS

		Terminal 6 :

cd ~/openbts/openbts/apps
sudo ./OpenBTSCLI

Thanks to all for your suggest