Need help testing duel tuner mode with the LimeSDR

I spent the last week getting SdrGlut to run the SDRplay RSPduo in Dual Turner mode with independent channels. Thanks to Franco for some fixes to SoapySDRplay - it now can now independently tune the channels and it works very nicely. I have posted some videos showing the results. I seems like it should work with LimeSDR, but I only have the LimeSDR mini - so I cannot test it. I have prebuilt exe for the MacOS, Windows 7 or Windows 10 and uBuntu 18.04. I would appreciate it - if someone would give it a try and tell me how it goes.


Come on Guys - I can tell from the SdrGlut website that a lot of you have grabbed the program - how about a report on how it worked.

On my LimeSDR-USB, Windows 10:

Very nice - It looks like it is working. Do you need two antennas - or can the two tuners share an antenna ?