Need advice for frequencies 100 MHZ to 400 MHZ

Hi All,

I would like to use my limesdr in the range of 100 to 400 mhz. Do I need to do the fix for the HF described at or the current configuration is enough to cover these frequencies range ?

And if I need to do the fix, which one you recommend me, the easyfix 1 or 2. I’m little bit nervous to play with the electronic on the board and i don’t want to scrap my board. So for the people who did the modification, how this modification affect the performance of the board for the higher frequencies.

Thanks for your help!

No modification should be needed for 100 MHz to 400 MHz.
Simulation indicates little difference between the inductor removed or left in circuit in the VHF range.
FM and up reception works well. However, unmodified, HF reception loss is huge. The inductor modification provides very good performance on 20M. I use SDRConsole V3. Alternatively, for VLF, MW and HF an up-convertor will do an excellent job. Transmit mode will require some thought with an up-convertor.
The inductor modification is not easy to perform; I cannot see the work area.The inductor is an 0204 part, very small and easy to screw up the PCB.
I used a stereo microscope to perform the modification. I even used a micrometer drive X-Y table and still had difficulty. There has got a better way. Maybe just cut the part.