More recent gnuradio? was released on Aug 14, 2016. Is there anything blocking a more recent version of gnuradio?

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The document is written before later releases of ubuntu.
Al tough this is more a Ubuntu / gnuradio related question, hope this helps

See the current gnuradio versions for ubuntu is the current release on Github

GNU Radio PPA packages are very recent, 3.7.11 was released 2 years ago

|gnuradio - 3.7.11-10~ubuntu17.10.1~ppa2|(changes file)|alexc|2018-03-07|Published|Artful|Comm|All builds were built successfully.|
|  gnuradio -|(changes file)|alexc|2017-01-31|Published|Yakkety|Comm|All builds were built successfully.|
|  gnuradio -|(changes file)|alexc|2018-03-07|Published|Xenial|Comm|All builds were built successfully.|