Modifications for best RF performance

Dear All,
I am operating under 100 MHz
(70 MHz) receive only.
I have applied the Easyfix1 modification on Rx_L (LNA_L).
However, the reception is not well enough for me. (We barely demodulate a BPSK signal which is at -40 dbm and has 15 db SNR with at least 30 db LNA gain).
What can be done to improve the reception and lower the Noise floor?
Should we apply shielding?
Does an external supply help instead of supplying it from USB?
Should we use external 10 MHz clock?
Does an External LNA help. ( we can not measure the Noise figure of the LimeSDR-USB).
Surely someone fixed the problems of reception under 100 MHz by now

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Hi @booth,

  1. Share your register settings ini file, please.
  2. Try to use another channels (W, H).
  3. Make sure you are not saturating ADC, try to reduce the gain.