Missing wifi module?


Just received the LimeNET-Micro from crowd supply and I’m excited! However, it’s missing the SMA for the wifi and the wifi module itself is not populated. Is that normal? It is version v2.1 according to the print on the PCB. I have looked around for an update mentioning that being gone, but I haven’t seen anything. Is this expected? Can I get one with wifi still?


Hi @paulsorensen5,

WiFi module is not populated, there is provision for it only. You still can purchase it separately:

Soldering is quite simple.


Soldering of module is enough,
or some configuration in resistors must be changed too?

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Is there a way to still purchase the board with the wifi module? The crowd supply order page didn’t make it clear that it wouldn’t be populated.

This has never been offered on sale, would be a special build and I’d have to check the MOQ and lead time.