Mini FYI: Calibrated vs Not

i did a couple 2Ghz to 3.5Ghz sweeps with my mini using QspectrumAnalyzer.
both Tx and Rx are 50ohms terminated and i used device arguments of:
20mhz bandwidth
the rest of the info is in the pictures

each picture shows 0 gain and auto gain settings
i did that calibration with limesuite “calibrate all” and saved that as “Default.ini”
i loaded the calibrated “Default.ini” before i ran the “calibrated” sweep

Just FYI, calibration is valid only for the center frequency that it was done on, it will not be suitable for whole range of frequencies. Calibration should be done with each frequency change.

what is the correct method to calibrate the mini with 50ohm terminations on the Rx and Tx for the whole freq range?

How would you do that with the SoapySDR API please ?