Max sampling rate of single / dual TX

Hi all,

What is the max achievable sampling rate in single or dual TX in SC12? Is there a parameter or trick to achieve high rates (like using txBufferLength)?

I’m asking because the transmitted signal looks “diluted” on the waterfall in high sampling rate. It looks like the samples are not reaching the Lime fast enough, and so instead of transmitting continuously, the Lime transmits a little, then stops, then continues, …

In dual RX in SC12 (with no TX stream), I can read at 60MS/s.
In single TX in SC12 (with no RX stream), 60MS/s is already too high.
In dual TX in SC12 (with no RX stream), 30MS/s is too high.

In all cases, the Lime is powered through USB.


Maybe @andrewback or @Zack have some info on the max sampling rate attainable in single or dual TX? Or any configuration to achieve the highest rate possible?

Again it seems I’m not limited in RX, as even in dual channel I can reach 60MS/s, but in TX, even in single channel, I can’t reach it without getting “dilated” emitted signal.