Low Quality Output Signal

I am trying to transmit a pure sine wave with a frequency of exactly 63.795MHz using LimeSuite API. For this, I have written only ones in the tx buffer in the given basicTX.cpp example. However, both the frequency and the shape of signal is very inaccurate. Examining the signal with an oscilloscope, the frequency is 63.76598MHz and its not even close to being a pure sinusoid. What could be the problem here? Below you can find an image of the oscilloscope output.

Thank you,

There seems to be a lot of harmonics in the signal and the frequency is off by 29 kHz. I’ve had this issue before where the frequency was not as commanded with a lot of harmonics and the signal bandwidth was also wrong.

I was sending too large of a signal to the SDR and it was causing issues. Make sure the samples you send are contained within [-1.0, 1.0[