Loopback test using dualRXTX example

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i connected signal generator to port RX1_1 and set frequency 900Mhz(0dbm) and at the same time connected spectrum analyzer with transmitting port for loop back test . but when i changed frequency to 925 mhz in (LMS_SetLOFrequency(device, LMS_CH_TX, 1, 0.925e9) != 0). the spectrum analyzer shows peak at 925 Mhz . why this . because i m still giving 900 Mhz from signal generator .

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It works something like this: Lets say you are using 4 MHz sampling rate which allows you to sample 4 MHz bandwidth. In RX your received signal is around 900 MHz (from 898 MHz to 902 MHz). Then you take that 4 MHz bandwidth signal and send it at 925 MHz center frequency (923MHz-927MHz).
So if you configure RX to 900 MHz and TX to 925 MHz and then from generator send 901 MHz signal to RX, you should see peak at 926 MHz at TX.

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