LMS7002M Mode Switching

Hello! I am attempting to switch the LimeLight operation mode of my LMS7002M chip and I had a question regarding the documentation and the convenience functions provided.

The documentation found here:

Shows that there are many different modes in which the user can possibly place the LimeLight output, which is being read by an FPGA.

I have a requirement to place the LimeLight output into a specific mode for the entirety of the chip. This can, as far as I can tell, be done by manually writing to all of the necessary registers, as specified in the programmers manual (by referencing the LimeLight mode manual to said programmers manual). Before implementing this, I figured that I would take a look around the LMS7002M library for a function that could possibly perform the same, or similar, operation. I stumbled upon:

LMS7002M_API void LMS7002M_configure_lml_port(LMS7002M_t *self, const LMS7002M_port_t portNo, const LMS7002M_dir_t direction, const int mclkDiv);

While this function seems to be appropriate, I’m unsure if it will give me the granularity proposed in the LimeLight Mode document. Can anyone confirm that this is the only function which approximates what I’d like to do? Can you further confirm if the function would allow me to reach all of the modes specified in the mode document? If not, is setting the register bits acceptable?