LMS7002 data interface


I am developing board with LMS7002 directly connected to CYUSB3014.
It is unclear after datasheet reading: does it possible to transfer two channels
from LMS7002 to CYUSB3014 by one port in SDR mode?

Datasheets’ Page 11 and Figure 41 say NO. But Programming and Calibration Guides’
Table 2 and Figure 27 do not say NO. I’m confusing…


Hello Igor,

Using SDR mode you can transfer only one channel effectively, however you can select which channel you want to receiver with single SPI command.

Using DDR mode you can receive data from both channels simultaneously.


Thank you, Rich!

I need both channels.
I should read Figure 27 again to see why SDR mode transfer can not transfer two channels.
Is there any other document to read about?


Dear Rich,

if SDR/DDR modes are switched by register 0x002E[15] “MIMO/SISO: MIMO channel B enable control”
I can understand only one channel in SDR mode. Does it right?
I can not find anything about SDR mode setting.

Thank you,


You would need to use DDR mode. If CYUSB3014 can not support it, use small FPGA to merge interface.


Thank you, Rich!