LMS7002 Assembly Guidelines

We are building custom boards with LMS7002 but are having yield issues. The process is standard (pick and place then through a reflow).
May I ask you to please advise on any measures to ensure that the LMS7002 is soldered properly.

  1. Stencil thickness
  2. pad openings
  3. Reflow profile (specific to what kind of solder paste composition and number of layers of the PCB)

Hello @Zack,
Looking forward to your inputs for this as well.

Hi @EnthuMan,

  1. This is information from our assembly house:
    Stencil thickness 80 μm
    Lead-free solder alloy SAC305
    Solder Paste Particle Size 10-25 μm
    Solder Paste Flux Content 11,5%
    Solder Paste Flux Type ROL0
    Solder Paste Viscosity 220 Pa.s
  2. LMS7002M footprint may be gathered from Altium libraries on Gihub.
  3. The assembly house didn’t provide any temperature profile, as they are not universal and different thermal ovens have their own.