LMS6002D RF and data converters performance


LMS6002D datasheet only mentions the gain control ranges but does not specify the absolute gain of different Rx and Tx blocks.
Thanks in advance to inform me if there is a document where I can find answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the maximum gain of the receiver using different LNAs, and the gain of individual blocks in Rx chain? What is the maximum gain of the transmitter and the gain of the individula blocks in Tx chain?
  2. What is the ADCs full scale input signal swing (1 Vpp or 1.8 Vpp)?
  3. What is the SFDR of the ADC for full scale input or -1 dBFS input signal?
  4. Given 1 KOhm input impedance for the ADCs, and assuming the receiver is set for maximum gain, what input power (single tone continuous wave) generates the 1 Vpp signal swing at the input of the ADCs?
  5. What would be the Tx output power when DAC is generating single tone continuous wave full scale output signal of 250 mVpp under the maximum Tx gain setting?

Fundamental Building Blocks of an RF System … e.g. 25mW max. permitted transmitted power in the EU SRD band … Present day transmitters regularly utilize partial N … The level in TX: 1.8 V, level for RX and every single other mode: 0V … No additional flag is required from MCU to kill LNA in low power modes … is the collector receiving wire pick up.
You can find about your all question answer from this datasheet of LMS6002DFN, I hope it would be helpful for you.