LMS6002 JESD207 HDL Available?

Good morning!

On the LMS6002D FAQ, there is discussion about the availability of HDL implementing a JESD207 compliant interface for the LMS6002.

The question/answer reads:

"6.1 Does the LMS6002DFN supports JESD207 interface?

Yes. Lime has developed VHDL code to support JESD207 interface. Please request through enquiries@limemicro.com."

I emailed enquiries@limemicro.com about this, as the FAQ directs, and was directed here by the response… :slight_smile:

Is there somewhere I can find this HDL?

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@Zack ?

Any idea if the HDL source for the above actually exists or not? Not trying to be pushy, but I have a development effort that I need to resource.

Also… (I apologize if I offend anyone with this question) I’m a little confused by Lime Micro’s business model… Is there commercial support infrastructure available? I wasn’t expecting to be directed to the MyriadRF forum…

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