LMS6002 initialization

I have an SDR board with LMS6002 chip and Xilinx FPGA. For test purposes, I reset LMS6002 and then read back all registers. Аll registers get default values (as described in programming guide), but from registers 0x10-0x2F I read zero values. It is correct, or my LMS6002 chip is dead?
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Hello @Evgeny,

Set CLK_EN [2] (0x09[2]) and CLK_EN [0] (0x09[0]) registers to 1 after reset and check if you can read all the registers correctly.

Thank you very much for the quick response! I tried to set register 0x09 to 0x45 value (CLK_EN 2 and CLK_EN 0 registers to 1) after reset, but, unfortunately, without any results.