LMS calibration

We are using the LMS_Calibrate function from LimeSuite to perform Tx and Rx calibrations on our custom board.

  1. We start of by dong Rx calibration first. Is this ok? (Or should Tx cal be done first?)

  2. After performing Rx calibration, the following are observed:
    2.1) Gains are reset or (are significantly different)
    2.2) DC offset is corrected
    2.3) IQ imbalance is NOT corrected (in fact it is the same as before (based on the image level from a FFT plot))

  3. We also started doing Tx calibration but get a message that Tx signal too weak.

Please advise,

Hi @EnthuMan,

  1. Does not matter really, but should start by doing PLL tune (CGEN, SXR, SXT), LPF tune (both TX and RX), gain tune (TX), then TX and RX tune.

  2. and 3. Most likely calibration fails due to incorrect configuration of the chip.