LMS API Documentation - Where is it?

I used to use the LMS API documentation at https://docs.myriadrf.org/LMS_API/index.html. Even though it might not have been absolutely up-to-date, it was a very useful resource.

I see that it has been taken down and there was an intention stated in August 2021 to replace it. Where can I find the replacement?


Dave, G8GKQ

Main header file for exported API functions:

73, Goran yt7pwr

Thanks Goran!

Not as easy to read as the old format, but at least I can now find the information that I want.


Dave, G8GKQ

Use doxygen to generate documentation from annotated source files.

@DaveG8GKQ working on an improved replacement, which will be automatically updated, but got sidetracked by a number of other things and so this isn’t completed yet. As @mzs notes, you can also just build Lime Suite with Doxygen installed and then you have a copy of the same docs locally.

Thanks @andrewback

Time for me to learn about Doxygen! I’ve never had the need to use it before - not sure what that says about my software development processes…


I think you should just need to have Doxygen installed when you run cmake, then it will find this and configure the build appropriately and generate HTML output.