Link between RX and TX sampling rates


Hi all,

I’m using Soapy:

  1. At first the RX rate is 10MS/s and TX is 20MS/s.
  2. Then I set the RX sampling rate to 55MS/s, which also changes the TX rate to 13.75MS/s (ie RX rate/4).
  3. Then I set the TX sampling rate to 20MS/s, which also changes the RX rate to 40MS/s (TX rate x 2).

How are those rates linked to each other? The LMS7_Device::SetRate method is quite complex and may indeed affect both RX and TX.

Also if I set RX to 55MS/s and TX to 13.75MS/s (ie 1/4th of RX), I can properly transmit my signals with the right bandwidth, but they only last 1/4th of their time. Is this expected?