LimeXTRX on PCIe - basicTx Issues After LimeSuite Update


We are working on integrating srsRAN with a LimeXTRX on PCIe. After updating LimeSuite, We are encountering some unexpected signal behavior. Here’s what we’ve found:


Calibration: Calibration works successfully across all commits.
Issue: After commit 39717c2, there’s no visible signal output on a signal analyzer (aside from initial configuration).
Verification: We’ve run LimeSuite’s basicTX example to isolate my implementation as the cause.


OS: Ubuntu 22.04
LimeSuite Branch: litepcie-update

Further Tests

On the previous commit, where basicTX still works, the output we get, is the following:

Devices found :
0: LimeSDR XTRX, media=PCIe, addr=/dev/LimeXTRX0
Configuring device ...
LML TX phase search FAIL
SDR configured in 1648ms
Stream started ...
Stream started ...
TX total samples sent: 11130368
TX total samples sent: 21157376
TX total samples sent: 31169024

Although I can see an output on the signal analyzer, the error message indicates, that the library has some issue configuring the board.


Could you help us identify changes in or after commit 39717c2 that might cause this signal behavior change? Any suggestions on troubleshooting or areas to investigate further would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi @sens118,

could you try to update FPGA gateware to latest one also?
Download flash_programming_file.bin and execute:
limeFLASH -d XTRX -t “FPGA FLASH” flash_programming_file.bin