LimeUtil --update interrupted

Due the version mismatch error I need to be always using LimeUtil --update. The last time I was doing this the LimeUtil process accidentally got killed. It was flashing the FX3 firmware (.img). How do I flash it again? There’s no other option besides JTAG?


The FX3 doesn’t have any firmware loaded so I can’t do this over usb. I get the same behaviour as if you removed the FX3 BOOT jumper (the jumper next to the usb connector) from a perfectly working board.

Cypress FX3 USB microcontroller has an integrated boot loader, which starts automatically after power-up or reset and when no valid firmware is present in the FLASH memory.

For USB microcontroller firmware upgrade, please use the “CyControl.exe” application from package.

If FLASH memory is empty or connector J17 (on LimeSDR-USB board) is open, USB3 microcontroller boots-up into bootloader mode. Cypress drivers from package must be installed first. Download the package here. Run the “USB Control Center” application and select Cypress USB BootLoader line as shown in Figure 5.

Thanks, I’ve managed to upload the firmware. Thankfully cypress has and application for linux. Thanks for your help!