LimeSuiteGUI - Windows

I cloned the Git repo for the LimeSuiteGUI on both a WinSrv 2016 box and a Win 10 laptop. The LimeSDR device appears in both Device Managers when plugged in but when the dir for the Win x64 is selected it starts the driver update process but errors out with the following message : “The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file. The file is likely corrupt or the victim of tampering.”
x64 file contents :
09/25/2019 09:51 PM 12,542
09/25/2019 09:51 PM 15,314 cyusb3.inf
09/25/2019 09:51 PM 76,520 cyusb3.sys
09/25/2019 09:51 PM 1,805,560 WdfCoinstaller01011.dll

It also appears tha drivers and GNURadio do not install on Ubuntu 19.04 nor on Raspian on a Raspberry PI 4.

Please advise.

You mean via the repositories/PPAs? That would be right, since these are for Ubuntu only and 19.04 is not a LTS release, hence will be short lived and we do not package for it. You would have to build from source.