LimeSuiteGUI settings interaction with GNURadio

Hi all,

I am using LimeSuiteGUI to set CGEN and RxTSP parameters.

I am trying to set the Rx oversampling to bypass and adjusting CLKGEN tabs such that my RxTSP is 50 MHz. (CLKH_OV_CLKL=4 with CLK_H 200 MHz)

If I quit the LimeSuiteGUI and re-invoke, I read back all parameters ok.

My application is a GNRadio flowgraph with LimeSuite RX source block, in which I set oversampling to 1. However when I run this flowgraph, if I reenter LimeSuiteGUI and read back settings I find they have all reverted back to decimation is HBD=2^1 and CLK_H=400 MHz with CLKH_OV_CLKL = 8 with a RxTSP of 100 MHz.

Any clues as to how I can make the settings in LimeSuite be unaltered by the GNURadio flowgraph ?

Thanks Tim

LimeSuiteGUI has a Save button where you can save your settings to a file. has options that should load settings from the specified file.
I haven’t tried it.