LimeSuite packages available in drivers PPA

LimeSuite binaries are now available on the drivers PPA. Packages are available for Ubuntu Xenial, Wily, and Trusty.

Basic apt-get install commands

This will add the PPA and install the gui, soapy support, and udev rules for the LimeSDR:

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:myriadrf/drivers
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install limesuite limesuite-udev soapysdr-lms7

Do checkout the results of LimeUtil, which comes with limesuite and provides basic info on the command line and some basic modes to enumerate devices on the system. It looks a little like SoapySDRUtil, but it talks directly to LimeSuite:

#Get version info and available connections
LimeUtil --info

#Find attached devices
LimeUtil --find

Some version number notes

We are working towards a better version scheme, but in the meantime the packages look like – which is way too many numbers! Since we are eventually going to use the year and month as a major.minor, this should be compatible.

Actually the “” part is scraped from the version.h checked in with the source, and the remaining “commits.githash” part is something my PPA uploaded script adds when its not uploading a release tag – so thats something that will potentially go away.

Added cmake 3.x to PPA

The drivers PPA now depends on the cmake 3.x PPA. This is basically a trusty 14.04 LTS compatibility thing. So we can now package stuff that requires cmake 3.0 and above.

Hi Josh,

Great news, thanks. The new packages appeared in my package manager (14.04) and I installed them. Now gqrx runs with the new soapylms backend – I can see the debug output is different from the one I compiled few weeks ago.