LimeSuite GUI won't load test ini files to LimeSDR

Hi All,

I just downloaded the most recent copy of the most recent LimeSuite (20171115) and I am running the most recent firmware and gateware in a V1.4 USB type-A plug board.

LimeSuite displays the error:

Failed to load file: Read(64 bytes) failed

I have searched, and these two posts ( and ( didn’t provide any relief. I have tried with LimeSuite 2017.11.01-vc14 as well.

System is Win10. I have a good interface otherwise to the unit as I am able to use SoapySDR/GNURadio to control it and gather samples. I wanted to go through the test protocols to work out some antenna issues and it appears that I can’t.

If anyone has other suggestions, I’d be glad to hear them.

after forcing a command line “limeutil --update” and reflashing the firmware and gateware (which would not flash from the LimeUtils GUI no matter what I tried) I was able to load the ini files and everything worked as described. We can probably close this thread out.