Somebody have LimeSuite.dll 32bit, I can’t use 64bit’s. Thanks.

here is a link to LimeSuite.dll (v19.04) compiled with MS Visual Studio 2015:

Hi, IgnasJ, thank you very much.

Hi, IgnasJ, useing LimeSuite1904_32bit.dll in my Labview project has something problem, such as : I can’t get IQ data from LMS_RecvStream, the data is 0. Pls help me.

I am not familiar with the code that Matlab uses. What setup does it do before calling LMS_RecvStream()?
There should be at least:
LMS_Init() (or LMS_LoadConfig())

Normally you would also set frequency, gain, sample rate, etc… after LMS_Init() [see], but just to receive anything from SDR, defaults loaded by LMS_Init() should work.

LMS_Init() dosen’t need configure file?

LMS_Init() does not use config file. As you can see in basicRX example it only takes device handle as argument.
If you want to load LMS settings from config (INI) file use LMS_LoadConfig().

Dear IgnasJ, I followed your instructions, everything else is fine except “LMS_RecvStream()”, when code runs to this, the Labview tool exit,