LimeSuite API Code

How do I build and write my LimeSuite API c program to my limesdr? I have not been able to come across any tutorials on this.

Thank you.

There are examples in LimeSuite-20.10.0/src/examples.

basicRX.cpp is a receiver

basicTX.cpp is a transmitter.

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yes I have seen the examples but I am wondering about how I can build these example codes and then upload them to the board

The examples run as an application on the computer - you don’t upload them to the board.

g++ -std=c++11 -o basicRX basicRX.cpp -lLimeSuite

is all that you do.

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@RightHalfPlane Now everything makes so much more sense!!! Thanks a lot man! But they do run on LimeSDR when I run these programmes so its not just for some sort of simulation purposes right?

If you have you LimeSDR pulled into to usb. The basicRX program sets the center frequency to 800 MHZ and the Sample Rate to 8 MHZ and reads the data from the LimeSDR.

Ahh okay and I promise one last question: How do I pull the device into USB mode and what if I wanted to run this program on start up on the LimeSDR alone without needing any computer?

You cannot run it without a computer, but it runs nicely using Raspberry PI 4 and they cost less than 100 dollars. Some versions of the PI system come with LImeSDR support built in so you just need to plug it into one of the USB3 ports to use it.