Dear All,

I want to find a MIMO-OFDM code and run it in my LimeSDR FPGA?

here are the instructions about how to add LimeSDR-USB to GnuRadio:

and then you could try this tutorial:

Thank you very much for the help but I need some clarifications,

so in order to run an existing MIMO-OFDM code in my limeSDR FPGA, I have to use the GNU Radio? I cannot use the limeSuite only?
I dont want to build the code from scratch, I want to fine ready one and run it then I will add my modifications on it.

I’m not the best person to explain what limesuite is. I see it as a systems integration/test tool that has been released by myriad so that we (the customers) can run systems tests and provide feedback.

gr-limesdr required limesuite to be built because gr-limesdr is a small library that interfaces gnuradio to the limesuite API. There is another option to interface with limesuite which is called SoapySDR. SoapySDR is native to Pothos and can be added to gnuradio as an extention.

You want to get either Pothos or GnuRadio installed and use it to control the LimeSDR. Which one you pick is your decision.



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